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Why invest in the United States, and why now?

Timing and location are possibly two of the most important factors when investing. When looking at today’s market and the state of the worldwide economy, investors have found that now is the time and that the United States is a prime location to invest in.

The United States provides political and economic stability even in times such as these. We have seen that today’s economic situation is simply clearing out the market in all industries, and allowing the fittest to remain, while pushing the others to the wayside. Consequently, many excellent opportunities exist for those who wish to take advantage of this (market). Negotiations are now the buyer’s. We are seeing on a daily basis how investors are acquiring excellent businesses for cents on the dollar, and then turning them around to become a leader in their industry by taking advantage of top talent that is available for very competitive compensation.

The time is now. As one of our clients said it best, and simply, we are riding the wave to recovery. Those who stick through it and use their resources wisely by positioning themselves to grow now, will be the leaders in their respective industries tomorrow when everyone starts seeing the recovery. This is a time for visionaries, for people who understand that these are times of opportunities.

We invite you to review our public portfolio which provides a small sample of the business opportunities available to our clients. If you are interested in seeing how to open opportunities for yourself, your business and your family, contact us. Your future and that of your family deserve a 15 minute investment of your time.

On August 21, 2009, the Chairman of the U.S. Federal Reserve, Ben Bernanke, stated that economy is “beginning to emerge” from its deep global recession. He foretasted recovery, saying that a year from now, we will have seen “substantial progress” toward a sustained economic recovery.

At the same time, the real estate industry announced a large 7.2 percent increase in the sales of existing homes in July. Additionally, after Chairman Bernanke’s comments, the stock market saw an immediate positive result, with the Dow closing up 1.6 percent to more than 9500.

Don’t wait until the price to diversify your assets and take advantage of financial, immigration and tax incentives is too high. Call our team to confidentially discuss your options and the benefits that an investment in the U.S. can have for you – be it your green card, a new business, or a vacation getaway for you and your family.

Read full text to Chairman Bernanke’s speech of August 21, 2009



We believe in living life to the fullest – in all areas of life. Garant has a full-service team of professionals who can make your transition into the United States, as an investor, a tourist, or a resident to be as smooth as possible. From helping you find the appropriate business opportunity, to locating the right school for your children, and the perfect home for your family, we can help you in every step of the way. Garant’s clients have access to superior resources, both in terms of personal contacts and community relationships. Our clients benefit from the many years we have invested into our community, and do not have to spend time establishing the many relationships that we have in essence built for them.

We are committed to serving investors who seek new opportunities in the United States. Kindly complete the following questionnaire so that one of our managing members may contact you to determine the best course of action for you.

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