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Why Garant Group International

Garant Group International is a full service firm. Our team members cater to the needs and requirements of the most demanding investors who wish to diversify and explore new markets, while at the same time exploring immigration benefits, in particular through the EB5 investment program, in the United States.

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide clients with international resources and a highly specialized competency of a dedicated team.

In everything we do, we have one goal – to provide superb professional service to our clients, in a very personalized manner.

Garant’s collaborative relationship within our network of professionals delivers to our clients the benefits of integrated resources across a spectrum of specialties, including law, accounting, business management, real estate, and yacht and airplane jet brokerage.

It is our interdisciplinary perspective on relocation, investment and immigration that sets us apart. It is our commitment to each client and our desire to succeed and reach perfection that makes our clients receive the highest level of service that allows them to reach their goals.

Allow Garant to serve as your compass on your trip to success. Achieve your U.S. citizenship and profit from the economic situation by having U.S. GGI manage your case.

Garant prides itself in its zealous representation of foreign investors who wish to diversify their funds and establish a presence in the United States.

We open the doors to new and exciting opportunities that translate into freedom – however you may define freedom – for our clients and their families, their businesses, their future.

OUR GOAL: To help you achieve your perfect success!


Our Team - Our Experience

We believe that you deserve the best and have brought together professionals and experts who are in the top of their fields to assist you with your every need. From your immigration planning to obtain your residency, to the tax attorneys who can help you minimize your tax responsibilities and take advantage of tax treaties, to the business experts that can assist you in making your investment in the U.S. and banking executives who can simplify your life in the U.S. Our team will take care of you receiving your social security number, opening a bank account in the U.S., and making sure that you and your family have access to the best lifestyle in the U.S., according to your desires.

Your success will come as a result of not only knowing the laws in the United States, but also of knowing how to apply them profitably for you. This is what our team does best. This is what makes us the EB-5 leaders that assist foreign investors live, work and play in the U.S., the land of opportunities.

Garant’s team members have decades of experience working with foreign nationals and assisting them in reaching their goals in the United States. In working with foreign investors, we saw a great need for someone to assist foreigners and their families in their successful transition into life in the United States. We realize that there is more to life than simply having the appropriate documentation that allows you to move freely within the United States and the world. There are many other considerations, including your family’s lifestyle, status, and schooling, that investors must consider when making such an important decision such as the ones our clients make every day.

Consequently, we put together our resources and came up with a winning strategy (plan) that helps foreigners obtain their green card quickly, make profitable investments in the U.S., and make full use of the U.S. system to have access to the best schools for their children, the best business opportunities, the top leaders and executives in (almost) any given field.

Garant Group International has come in to fill the void that existed for a reputable firm to assist foreign investors in their transition to the U.S. in every way possible. Think of us as your guide to U.S. success.

Our experience coupled with our commitment to excellence is what has made us successful. Our dedication to each client, in a personalized manner, is what results in your success.

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